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RVR ДР1A #ДР1А-151

8 december 2019 - DR1A-151 as a suburban train Baranavichy - Lida on Mitskevichy (бел. Мiцкевiчы) - Vygada (бел. Выгада) stretch.

Comments: 3, Points: 8.00,

ЛТЗ M62 #М62-1558

5 october 2019 - M62-1558 with a local freight train on Magilyou-I (бел. Магілёў-I) - Latva (бел. Латва) stretch.

Points: 8.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10 #2ТЭ10МК-3648

1 december 2019 - 2TE10MK-3648 with a "mixed" freight train on Kaledzina (бел. Каледзiна) - Palachany (бел. Палачаны) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 12.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10 #2ТЭ10УК-0227

13 october 2019 - 2TE10UK-0227 with a "potash" freight train on Bastuny (бел. Бастуны) - Benyakone (бел. Беняконе) stretch.

Comments: 3, Points: 12.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10 #2ТЭ10МК-3607

5 october 2019 - 2TE10MK-3607 with a freight train on Magilyou-I (бел. Магілёў-I) - Latva (бел. Латва) stretch.

Comments: 3, Points: 11.00,

Коломзавод ТЭП70 #ТЭП70-0290

28 september 2019 - TEP70-0290 with a passenger train №65 Murmansk - Minsk on Grybachy (бел. Грыбачы) - Bychykha (бел. Бычыха) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 13.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10 #2ТЭ10МК-3570

28 september 2019 - 2TE10MK-3570 with a "mixed" freight train on Lousha (бел. Лоўша) - Shumilina (бел. Шумiлiна) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 14.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10 #2ТЭ10МК-2935

21 july 2019 - 2TE10MK-2935 with a freight train leaves Kaliy-III (бел. Калiй-III) station - one of a regular potash train begins its journey from Saligorsk to Klaipeda port.

Comments: 2, Points: 12.00,

ЛТЗ M62 #М62-1547

12 july 2019 - M62-1547 with a passenger wagon as suburban train №6660 Lyntupy - Krulyaushchizna on Glybokaye (бел. Глыбокае) - Krulyaushchizna (бел. Круляўшчызна) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 9.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10 #2ТЭ10М-3546

29 june 2019 - 2TE10MK-3546 with a "oil" train from Navapolatsk on Knyaginin (бел. Княгiнiн) - Kuranets (бел. Куранец) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 7.00,

БКГ2 #БКГ2-013

22 october 2018 - BKG2-013 with a freight train on Bagatyrova (бел. Багатырова) - Pamyslishcha (бел. Памыслiшча) stretch.

Points: 10.00,

ČKD T 669 #ЧМЭ3-3252

13 january 2016 - ChME3-3252 with a local freight train on Staryya Darogi (бел. Старыя Дарогi) - Vyarhutsina (бел. Вярхуцiна) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 18.00,

ЛТЗ M62 #М62-1301

21 october 2013 - M62-1301 with a freight train on track from Radashkovichy (бел. Радашковiчы) ballast quarry to Dubravy (бел. Дубравы) station.

Comments: 3, Points: 10.00,

ЛТЗ M62 #М62-1301

2 december 2014 - M62-1301 with a local freight train on Prudy (бел. Пруды) - Maladzechna (бел. Маладзечна) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 11.00,

ЛТЗ 2M62У #2М62У-0311

12 september 2017 - 2M62U-0311 (section A) with a suburban train Krychau - Orsha on Tsyomny Les (бел. Цёмны Лес) - Pagodzina (бел. Пагодзіна) stretch. In general, such DMU is the "pull-push type" train and has designation DRB1.

Points: 8.00,

2ТЭ25КМ #2ТЭ25КМ-0002

23 april 2016 - 2TE25KM-0002 with a freight train on Dobrush (бел. Добруш) - Laryshchava (бел. Ларышчава) stretch. A new generation of Russian diesel locomotives. This serie is a replacement of 2TE116U, which are not produced since 2014 for obvious reasons (the plant was located in Lugansk). At the moment BMZ has produced almost 4 hundred of these machines.

Comments: 1, Points: 13.00,

НЭВЗ ВЛ80 #ВЛ80С-613

6 may 2016 - VL80S-613 with a passenger train №389 Anapa - Minsk on Aseeuka (бел. Асееўка) - Kalyadzichy (бел. Калядзiчы) stretch. Generally, VL80S - a freight locomotive and it`s not operated with passenger trains in Belarus. However, the BCh has only 15 own passenger electric locomotives ChS4T (the rest are rented from Russia) and after Gomel electrification (April 2016) the shortage became greater. Therefore, railway decided to make an experiment and try to use freight electric locomotives with passenger trains. Three machines (VL80S-584, 606 and 613) were prepared for these purposes - an electro-pneumatic brake was installed and the maximum permissible speed in operation was increased to 90 km/h (at that moment freight trains had a maximum speed of 80 km/h). The experiment was not very successful (high energy loss) and from December 2016 VL80S are not used in this works.

Comments: 1, Points: 9.00,

Коломзавод ТЭП70 #ТЭП70-0210

29 march 2016 - TEP70-0210 with a passenger train №371 Magilyou - L`viv on Dashkauka (бел. Дашкаўка) - Barsuki (бел. Барсукi) stretch. Usually this train runs on Magilyou - Asipovichy line, but that day it had a modified route through Zhlobin due to bridge repair.

Comments: 1, Points: 10.00,

Луганск 2M62 #2M62-0673

21 september 2013 - 2М62-0673 with a "autocarrier" freight train arrives at Maladzechna (бел. Маладзечна) station. The photo is historical for several reasons. The first, this line is already electrified (since September 2017) and such view is impossible. LG doesn`t have electric locomotives, so now only Belorussian BKG1/BKG2 and VL80S run here. The second, the locomotive has an old green coloring - now all Lithuanian 2M62 are red-gray.

Author: Siroger RSS | D29 number: | Operator: Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LG) Lietuva
Points: 10.00,

ЛТЗ M62 #ДМ62-1818

18 october 2018 - DM62-1818 with wagons for Minsk - Arkhangelsk train leaves Bagatyrova (бел. Багатырова) station. Several years ago, "wagon service center" was transferred from Minsk to the suburbs. Therefore, now all passenger trains, which have Minsk as a final station, after arrival goes for preparation and repair in Bagatyrova. Usually, two locomotives are enough to transport such trains. Until recently, old machines of TEP60 series were engaged in this work. However, after cutting these rarities, TEP70BS began to work here also. Diesel locomotives are not enough periodically, so M62 series comes to help. Such moment is shown on this photo.

Comments: 1, Points: 8.00,

ČKD T 669 #ТМЭ1-005

26 october 2018 - TME1-005 goes through Pamyslishcha (бел. Памыслiшча) station.

Comments: 1, Points: 5.00,

БКГ2 #БКГ2-016

19 october 2018 - BKG2-016 with a freight train goes through Pamyslishcha (бел. Памыслiшча) station. A few minutes after sunset, so it`s really dark. The composition is not very successful, but I wanted to put the Moon in the frame.

Points: 9.00,

Коломзавод ТЭП70 #ТЭП70-0284

12 september 2017 - TEP70-0284 with a passenger train №662 Orsha - Kamunary on Pagodzina (бел. Пагодзіна) - Tsyomny Les (бел. Цёмны Лес) stretch.

Comments: 1, Points: 9.00,

БКГ2 #БКГ2-015

21 october 2018 - BKG2-015 with a freight train goes through Pamyslishcha (бел. Памыслiшча) station. This locos - Chinese copy of Alstom Prima, which were made at the Datun electric locomotive plant. The designation BKG means "Belarusian-Chinese cargo". Due to the electrification of new lines, BCh bought new electric locos. In 2012-13 were received 12 BKG1 locomotives, in 2015-17 - 18 BKG2.

Points: 6.00,

ЛТЗ 2ТЭ10У #2ТЭ10УК-0225

3 june 2016 - 2TE10UK-0225 with a freight train on Starushki (бел. Старушкi) - Kaptsevichy (бел. Капцэвiчы) stretch.

Comments: 2, Points: 6.00,